The Italian Rose I & II

2020 Page Turner Award Finalist.

Are you craving a page-turning Italian Mafia story packed with deceit, brewing family tension, murder, & revenge? 

Rosario Beretta grew up in poverty, but that didn’t stifle his ambition.  He returned to Brusnengo, Italy after WWI, married, and started building Beretta Vineyards: a lifelong dream and legacy to support his family for generations. 


When Rosario’s wealth grows, the provincial Godfather, Don Salvatore, puts in motion a treacherous web of traps to enslave Rosario and gain control of the profitable Beretta land. 


Can a devoted family man keep those he loves safe from a greedy predator?  Or will Rosario’s legacy become a fatal nightmare that rips his family apart?

The Beretta’s and C. R. Mitchell serve up more than the best wine in Northern Italy.  In her debut novel, Revenge, Mitchell will teleport you to Beretta Vineyards in the cozy town of Brusnengo, Italy.  A charming place, perfect for a massacre.  First, a tour of the lush green vines with Rosario Beretta, and a wine sampling with his daughter Angelina.  Step into Sofia Beretta’s kitchen and fill your nose with the mouthwatering smells of sugo simmering, meatballs frying, bread baking, and fresh basil wafting in the air.  While the charming Angelina Beretta pours you a glass of wine, “Red or White?”, snuggle into a soft reading nook and prepare for an exciting, roller-coaster ride.


"Thrilling and suspenseful. Kept me wanting more."


"Vivid imagery and mesmerizing story line."



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"There can be no Good without Evil."


In Brusnengo, Italy, Rosario Beretta grew up impoverished, but his poverty did not stifle his ambition.  He returned to Brusnengo, Italy after WWI, married, and started building Beretta Vineyards: a lifelong dream and legacy to support his family for generations.  To fulfill his dream and ensure his family never lives as he did, Rosario has one more hurdle: selling his wine in other countries.

Rosario’s children work beside him, but none more than his favorite, Angelina.  As his protégé, Angelina will be the key to securing the business connections Rosario desires. 

As WWII ends, Beretta Vineyard’s profits rise, as do the opportunities to sell wine.  But success comes at a price.  Rosario’s growing wealth draws the provincial Godfather’s greedy eye.  A masterful manipulator, the Godfather traps Rosario by accusing him of murder.  Unable to prove his innocence, Rosario is given two choices.  Hand over the vineyard’s income or force his daughter to marry a man of The Don’s choosing.

Will Rosario let go of his dreams to protect his daughter from marrying a dangerous man, or will greed override his paternal instincts.  Will a loveless marriage satisfy The Don’s desire, or is the nuptial part of a bigger plan to punish Rosario?

Rosario’s wealth is the un-refusable ticket into a dangerous chess match, but a victory only resets the board.

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Angelina thought the day of her family’s attack was the worst day of her life.  She was wrong. 

At the blissless celebration, the provincial Godfather, Don Salvatore, informs Angelina of her role in his wicked plan to destroy her family and seize control of Beretta Vineyards.  She fights back but discovers Don Salvatore is far more powerful and cunning than she.  Without her father’s protection, Angelina is doomed to become the Godfather’s puppet.

When a stranger discreetly delivers a note from her father’s American friend, a spark of hope fuels Angelina’s escape plan.  Convinced the American is the key to protecting her family’s vineyard, Angelina sets out to find him.  But Don Salvatore’s assassins follow, making a perilous journey deadly.

Can Angelina reach the American in time?  Will he be as charming as his note, or another man looking to control her and the vineyard?  Will she outsmart the assassins or make a fatal mistake that puts her back in The Don’s hands?  Is she willing to damn her soul to save her father’s legacy?

Her path is wrought with disaster and deceit.  People will die, and Angelina will have the worst day of her life.

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"I have done terrible things. 

Things even God cannot forgive."

~The Sinner 


"This picture makes my heart sing and my soul dance to the beat."

~C.R. Mitchell

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C. R. Mitchell started writing when her husband encouraged her to use her talent as a storyteller to inspire others.  A few years later, her book became the only place she could hide from her crumbling reality.  In 2014, an illness forced her to change every aspect of her life.   Christina, a confident, workaholic who was active in the community, became an unemployed hermit who felt broken.  Not one to give up, Mitchell turned full time to writing, knowing God altered her life-path for a reason.   


Christina uses her experience with chronic pain and depression to encourage others to break the chains of victim-hood and embrace a crown of victory.   Her wisdom comes from personal victories over adversity and the influence of formidable women in her life, most notably her mother.  These powerful women, many from her Italian family, triumphed in a sexist culture.  To honor them, Christina wrote The Italian Rose Mafia Series featuring a strong woman protagonist.

Christina enjoys making vivid scenes with volatile characters appear real to the reader.  Ultimately, if she laughs, cries, and shouts words of disgust, she is confident her novel is more than a story; it is art.  Though a novelist at heart, Christina enjoys writing philosophical essays - usually laced with humor, wellness articles, web content, and photography.  She is also an active member of P.E.O., Chapter KH.

​(An organization that has awarded over a hundred million dollars for women’s education.)


Christina lives near her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.  She cherishes time with her husband, grown children, family, and friends.  To soothe her soul, she snuggles her Papillon puppy, plays the piano, and occasionally face-plants in chocolate.


"What was your favorite moment while writing Revenge?

“When you watch a scary movie for the second, or third, or thousandth time, you know where the spooky parts are, but you still jump.  Right?  After reading and reading - for the thousandth time, I was editing a volatile scene between Don Salvatore and Angelina.  Even though I knew what was about to happen, the interaction snatched my emotions, and I shouted, You sick bastard!”

"What is your favorite scene in The Sinner?"

“That is a tough one.  I tend to like the moments that make you hold your breath and choke back tears at the same time.   There are several powerful moments, like the opening scene.   But the chapter when Maximus is forced to destroy someone he loves dreams and the next chapter are definitely the most intense!”

"With book two of The Italian Rose Series finished, what do you plan to write next?"

"Besides working on book 3 of The Italian Rose Series?  I have two short nonfiction books I want to finish, Unshackled from Pain and a Fence in My Living Room.   After I finish those, I am itching to work on my Magical Realism Story, which draws from an untapped lore of magic."

The Italian Rose background.png

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