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the way i see it .1.  cover pic from amazon.jpg
The way I see it cover pic from amazon.jpg
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The Italian Rose I & II ~ C. R. Mitchell

Gripping & Suspenseful Mafia Series


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One man dreams of growing his legacy while another man plots to strip it from him.

Rosario grew up impoverished, but his poverty did not stifle his ambition.  A veteran of The Great War, he returned to Brusnengo, married, and built Beretta Vineyards: a lifelong dream and legacy to support his family for generations.  But success comes at a high price, one that Rosario Beretta is not prepared to pay.

The Godfather, Don Salvatore, has a greedy eye and squeezes Rosario, demanding Rosario's daughter or his profitable vineyard as payment.   Rosario's decision proves deadly.  Now, something far more valuable than his legacy is in peril.

Angelina thought the day of her family’s attack was the worst day of her life.  She was wrong.


At the blissless celebration, the provincial Godfather, Don Salvatore, informs Angelina of her role in his wicked plan to destroy her family and seize control of Beretta Vineyards.  She fights back but discovers Don Salvatore is far more powerful and cunning than she is.  Angelina is doomed to become the Godfather’s puppet without her father’s protection.

When a stranger discreetly delivers a note from her father’s American friend, a spark of hope fuels Angelina’s escape plan.  Convinced the American is the key to protecting her family’s vineyard, Angelina sets out to find him.  But Don Salvatore’s assassins follow, making a perilous journey deadly.

Her path is wrought with disaster and deceit.  People will die, and Angelina will have the worst day of her life.

The Way I See It ~ Jean Beyer

A Lighthearted & Funny Read

At 90, Jean has collected plenty of unique stories to fill three books.

the way i see it .1.  cover pic from amazon.jpg

Jean, a natural storyteller, shares his humorous perspective with stories about his nemesis in the U.S. Army, ‘Colonel K,’ encounters with President Truman, drunk customers, an auto accident in the oddest of places, struggles with changing a light bulb (and other home-maintenance tasks), thoughts and lessons on life, the perfect anniversary gift, and more.

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The way I see it cover pic from amazon.jpg
TWISI 3 Cover made for PPwebsite 08-15-2022.png

Some of Jean’s personal experiences stem from his various careers, such as; a cab driver - "for a day", salesman, window decorator, manager of the Golden Ox in Kansas City, Senior Army ROTC Officer, U.S. Army Ranger, and many others.

Jean’s eclectic resume is matched only by the number of places he has lived. As a child, Jean’s feet were never allowed to take root in a town for long. He has lived in forty-one houses in five countries and spent extended time in eight other nations.

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